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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Human's Letter to the Editor

letter by The Great One. See, she really does love us!!!!!!!

Columnist Joel Stein says that dogs don't feel affection toward people, that they are just "using" us ("All this fuss about dogs is just crazy," Aug. 14).

People are always using other people. It is what makes society work. Businesses use customers to stay in business while their customers use them for services. My employer is using me to get work accomplished; I am using it to get money. Married people use each other for companionship, love, sex, money, housework, and care.

But dogs? As my mother used to say, "We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Psychic message from a dog? question:

Psychic message from a dog?

We already had 3 schnauzers, all with long ears, when my roommate mentioned that there was a schnauzer, Micky, on the internet that needed a home for a year and she felt we should adopt him. That night I had a dream where a dog appeared and asked me to take him, said he really needed a home, The dog in my dream had very stubby ears, like a cat, and messy white fur around his mouth. It seemed like I was getting a phychic message from Micky. I looked for Micky on the internet, but it said “Picture not available”. When we brought him home, he did have short stubby cat ears. (I think they were docked by a breeder.) He did not have the same messy white hair around his mouth, though. But now that the super-short haircut he had in foster care has grown out, he does. I realized that he WAS the dog I got the message from in my dream. My roommates think I am nuts, and I admit it sounds that way, but if it was not a psychic message, how did I know what Micky looked like?

Additional Details

There are many good answers here. I can not choose a best answer, so I will leave it up to voters.

I read the question I wrote, and it sounded like I meant they needed someone to give him a home for a year and then return him. That is not what I meant. I meant that they have been looking for a home for him for over a year. It turns out he is about 11, is almost deaf, and has a heart murmur. He is also wonderful, loving, adoring, and staying with me forever.

....................answer from Unicornrider, voted best answer, 33% of vote

I believe in this too. Not sure where it was coming from, but it's clear to me you guys were meant to be together.
One day I woke up and felt I had to get to the SPCA right away. Off I went, I was searching through all the kitty faces....and there he was, the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen, and I just knew we have a long road to walk together - so I adopted him!
SOmetimes you just know, and to me that's the best combination.
Best of luck to you two!

....................answer from Touch,

its real

....................answer from jmaclover97

You are NOT going nuts. That happens to me all the time when i am trying to make decisions. i have a dream about it and the dream tells me what to do. and the reason you had that dream is because Micky belongs with you.. he was meant to be YOUR pet.... you are very lucky to be blessed with a dog like that. keep him.. hes your special angel... you two are lucky you found each other.. keep him... good luck!

....................answer from sexe2006, 17% of vote

What you had was a premonition- and that is great our subconscious always guides us and usually though sleep!

....................answer from phildeese

i dont normally believe in that sort of thing,but i will admit that is very strange. maybe you had seen similar dog once and image was just on file in your brain.

....................answer from Aziza, 17% of vote

It was all real, you are not going nuts. I have had similar dreams, though none with dogs. I have had such dreams about horses. My horse died in '04, & since then I can still feel his spiritual presence, & I have went walking with him befor. I know that really sounds wierd, but I was walking the in the pature he had always lived in, & heard him behind me. Thinking it was him I turned, & nothing was there. I did that multiple times. So unless I am going crazy, your not crazy either. Spritually you to have a natual bond. Keep him. It isn't every dog that you find that is a special part of you.

....................answer from Janet H, 17% of vote

Canines are amazing creatures! I believe what you say! I have two Great Pyrenees and one rescue that I know are so incredible! They know us and they take care of us! Good for you to believe in yourself and your ability to see what so many others refuse to understand at least acknowledge! You two were meant to be together! Enjoy your new friend and the heck with all the nay sayers!

(no good answer got 17% of the vote)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dog philosophy d'jour

If humans leave it on a plate, it's fair game