The Five Schnauzeteers

We are five extraordinarily attractive schnauzers

Saturday, September 30, 2006

You Want Pictures, We'll Give You Pictures

In case you can't tell, we're mooning you.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

So there!

We were told to blog with pictures, even though we refuse to blog. OK, you can make us blog, but you can't force us to make it interesting!!

1. Amy teaches two algebra classes. Her earlier class with 10 students has a 90 average. Her other class has 20 students and they have a 75 average. What is the overall average for Amy’s students?
2. Paul can eat a gallon of M&Ms in 30 minutes. Cheryl can eat them in 50 minutes. If they work at it together, how long will it take them to eat a gallon of M&Ms?
3. Jessica invested $12,000, some of it in an oatmeal company that had a return of 10%, and some in government bonds that paid 2%. He made $1,040. How much did he invest in each?
4. I had a 100 gallon jug of Koolade that was 99% water. I left it outside and a lot of the water evaporated, until it was 98% water. How much water evaporated? (Remember, the mixture does not evaporate)
5. I mixed 5 pounds of Good-n-Plenty (which sells for $9/lb) with 10 lbs of candy corn (which sells for $6 lb) and 15 lbs of All Sorts (which sells for $15 lb). How much did this mixture cost me per pound?
6. The medicine mixture is 5% medicine. We want it to be 3%. If I have 15 cups of medicine mixture, how much pure water must we add?
7. Harvey played baseball for 3 seasons. The first season he got up to bat 100 times and had a 0.200 average. The second season he got to bat 50 times and had a 0.300 average. The third year he got up 10 times and had a 0.100 average. What was his overall batting average?
8. To visit my parents, I drove 50 miles per hour the whole way. Coming home, I drove 80 mph, and saved 6 hours. How far away do my parents live?
9. Marionberries cost $10 per pint while whipped cream is $5 per pint. I want to make 12 pints of berry-cream mixture worth $6.25 per pint. How much of each should I put in?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Where are Stepmom and Baldie? I spend the morning going back and forth between their offices, but I can't find them. - Max

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Please tell The-Great-Oe that she should share her PB&J with us! It smells so good!

all humans have new names

Since Max already gave one human a name, he decided to go ahead and name all the humans. You all are "The-Great-One", "Stepmom", and "Baldy"

This post is being left because The-Great-One passed along a message to us doggies that Stepmom and Baldy complain that we are not blogging enough. But not much is happening worth mentioning.

The-Great-One would not give us her egg rolls.

Friday, September 22, 2006

We are STILL fine

We are all still fine. That crazy dogsitter came today (thursday). She brought in the mail, but The Great One (Max named Amy that) can not find it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

we are fine

Just letting anyone who is worried know that we are fine. We have water and food. Preston is napping on the sofa, Trouble is chewing his leg on the air mattress which is why it has not yet been deflated, and Max is sitting by his human's feet anf gazing up at her adoringly.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mt. Schnaumore


This is a test